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Why CEBU And Thier Beautiful Philippine Laides?

Still unsure about joining the Social Tour? Here's the answer...

Release Date: July 29th, 2013     Episode Duration: 11:16     Format: HD

Haven't tried the Social Tour? Confused? Wondering what are the kind of girls you will meet? Worry no more and simply watch this video to satisfy your doubts. Be stunned by these 11 women of Cebu and hear what their experiences and expectations are about the socials and tour. It's going to be a memorable experience in your life that you don't want to miss. Why do you have to be confused when the answer is clearly upon your eyes?  Take a single step and start your journey. Be here. Make it real. Make it happen! Experience CEBU!

Scroll down below the video screen to find out much more about the women featured in this video.

Don't forget, EVERY MONDAY you get to meet between 5 and 15 lovely new women with a new episode of "Philippine Weekly" - ONLY HERE!   It just keeps getting better and better!

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"Philippine Weekly" is the next best thing to being there. But NOTHING can replace ACTUALLY BEING THERE because you have to MEET them to marry them! View our Philippine Singles Tour Schedule and make your reservations HERE!

Contact The Beautiful Women Featured In This Episode!

The beautiful Filipina women featured in this weeks video episode are REAL and actively seeking their lifemate. They want to hear from you! After you watch the video you can find out more about each one of them below by clicking on their picture, viewing their profile and then contacting them. In the end, however, you know and they know that you have to plan to go ACTUALLY MEET THEM before you can ever marry that special woman for you. So set your goals and MAKE YOUR RESERVATION NOW (you can determine your departure date and destination later with a $475 "Open" reservation that provides $800 of instant value). It is no coincidence that your romantic efforts become much more effective when you know - AND the women know - that you are actually committed to meeting them at some time in the near future.

Desiree 121180

Leslie 136395

Rose Ann 119157

Flordeliz 135607

Pearsiphone 130890

Metoshella 109565

Odette 121190

Epifania 119803

Karen Rose 125689

Philippine Women Weekly
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