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March 2013 Davao City - Philippines Socials

Every year, it just gets BIGGER and BETTER

Video Release Date: Apr. 1st, 2013     Episode Duration: 12:04     Format: HD

Here is a sweet sneak peek of how well Davao City throws a party. We have it all; budding friendships, blossoming relationships and most of all outstanding beautiful Davao women who are sincere in their search for a special man. The party in you will surely enjoy everything we have laid out. And trust that while all the fun is happening, the Cupids arrows do not stop flying. We are once again, a witness to how this darling lady said yes to her lucky man. Not exciting enough for you? We have, as special guests, a successful couple who are now happily married with their two little angels. Yes! It is real. And if it can happen for them, it can most certainly happen for you! Book for your October 2013 Davao City Socials NOW!

Scroll down below the video screen to find out much more about the women featured in this video.

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